Automate tracking planned VS actual

By connecting via API to your other systems, Morta enables you to dynamically track processes

Create trackers that perfectly fit your needs


Start with out of the box templates that you can easily customise to meet your needs


Leverage existing data and bring your information into a single hub by integrating with 50+ solutions

& schemas


Break siloes by enabling your external and internal teams on a cloud-based information hub

Excel, PDF & Word Exports

Continue to deliver the documents your supply chain and partners are used to when needed

Advanced Search

Enable users to find the information they need when they need it in one place


Extend the functionality of the platform using scripts, webhooks & automations

Data ownership

With Morta you own your data and it is stored in the United Kingdom

Dynamic Permissions

Only show users the information that is relevant to them using tag based permissions

Detailed audit trail

Maintain a detailed audit trail of every event that takes place in the platform

Accelerate your journey using sample resources and trackers

Information Managers

Information Requirements

BIM Execution Plans

Capability Assessment

IFC & COBie Assurance

Information Delivery Plans

Contract Managers

Package Definition

Contractor Pre-qualification

Contractor Onboarding

Request for Information

Payment Applications

Project Management

Risk Register

Responsibility Matrices

Change Management

Work Packaging

Stakeholder Register

Asset Managers

Asset Register

Resource Management

Job Management

Issue Management

Maintenance Schedules

Design Managers

Design Responsibility Matrix

Design Issue Checklist

Information Release Schedule

Design Management Plan

Design Program

Sustainability Managers

Carbon Reduction Plan

Embodied Carbon Forecast

Operational Carbon Forecast

Embodied Carbon Reporting

Operational Carbon Reporting

Join 1000s of professionals like you!

Morta has enabled us to automate reporting, create dynamic trackers and reduce risk in double handling by transitioning away from spreadsheet based processes. It's a superb platform with a great user experience, backed up by first rate customer support.

Andy Boutle, Head of BIM

Morta has provided an easy and automated connection between our drawing plans and the project's systems allowing us to automate reporting and tracking. When compared against previous manual reporting, Morta is saving us countless hours!

Thomas Crossley, BIM Manager

Using Morta has allowed me to save time, eliminate information errors and standardise the creation of plans that project teams can easily use. Thanks to Morta I no longer have to spend time sorting data into viewable forms through spreadsheet software.

Cara Hunter, Design Lead

Affordable pricing that scales with you

Start building with a 30 day free trial and export to Word & Excel if needed. When you upgrade, only pay for builders. Often, one person creates a resource, others contribute, comment or simply view it. Instead of charging for everyone, we only charge for the people who build & own resources.


For individuals and teams just getting started with automating tracking planned vs actuals.

Start at £25/month/builder for one Morta Project

Unlimited tables & documents

Unlimited free users

Integrations with 50+ solutions


For organisations who are commited to standardisation and connecting data across teams, projects and assets.

Custom pricing based on anticipated usage & level of support

Single Sign On

Multi Factor Authentication

Custom integrations & Automation

We love people and communities who are driving the industry forward

This is why we provide you with free access to Morta if you are working towards making our built environment better. Whether you are a community, teacher or student you can leverage Morta's full capabilities and support for free.



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