The only customisable information hub dedicated to the built environment

Morta has the familiarity of spreadsheet and documents and the utility of a database, empowering built environment professionals to organise information and automate processes 

Join 150+ of the world's most ambitious organisations building with Morta


The only platform dedicated to the built environment that empowers YOU to build!

Use Morta to build powerful custom solutions that leverage your information and perfectly fit your needs.



Transition from spreadsheets and documents to databases



Pull and push data from other systems using our API



Build custom automation services using python based scripts and webhooks

If you are an Information Manager, we'll help you get started

ISO 19650 compliant resources

Save time and effort by starting with resources that have been created by Information Management Professionals. Then customise them to meet your needs or create new resources as you see fit!

Integrate with the tools you use

Information management platforms shouldn't exist in a siloe. Pull data from modelling software, common data environments, document management systems, or even OpenBIM Formats such as IFC and COBie

Excel, PDF & Word Exports

Continue to deliver the documents your supply chain and partners are used to when needed

Advanced Search

Enable users to find the information they need when they need it in one place

Rule-based verification

Define custom rules to automatically verify information quality in tables

Data ownership

With Morta you own your data and it is stored in the United Kingdom

Dynamic Permissions

Only show users the information that is relevant to them using tag based permissions

Detailed audit trail

Maintain a detailed audit trail of every event that takes place in the platform

Start building with a 30 day free trial and export to Word docs if needed.

When you upgrade, only pay for builders.

Often, one person creates a resource, others contribute and comment to it and some simply view it.

Instead of charging for everyone, we only charge for the people who build resources.


Eliminate spreadsheets and documents.

Start at £25/month per builder

Real time collaboration

Unlimited Free contributors

Unlimited Free viewers


Connect data and automate workflows.

Start at £500/month

Unlimited resource builders

Includes 1,000 trigger events

Tag-based permissions

We love people and communities who are driving the industry forward

This is why we provide you with free access to Morta if you are working towards making our built environment better.

Whether you are a community, teacher or student you can leverage Morta for your needs.



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