Build custom solutions fit for your needs

Morta's next generation spreadsheet allows asset, construction and project managers to improve information flow and automate processes. 

Join 150+ of the world's most ambitious organisations building with Morta

Organisations across the construction supply chain and project lifecycle are using Morta to re-imagine their project planning and delivery.

Leverage your information and automate processes

Use Morta to build powerful custom solutions that leverage your information and perfectly fit your needs.

Organise Information

Organise information using tables so its easy to query and access. 

Adapt Information

Present relevant information to end-users in views and document formats.

Connect information

Communicate with other systems using APIs and CSVs.

Improve information quality

Provide feedback and flag data quality issues to end-users visually using in-cell validation.

Do more with your information

Automatically calculate values in columns using python-based scripts

Automate your way

Kick-off complex 3rd party automation services using trigger events and webhooks

Kick start your journey with 50+ Use cases for all your teams

Choose the right plan for you

Morta has a usage-based pricing model based on Automation Event Credits. For a detailed schedule fill this form for us to e-mail it to you.

An automation event is defined as any event that results in an in-table script execution or a webhook event.


Individuals who want to get started building powerful solutions.

Free up to1,000 Automation events for unlimited users. 


Teams who rely on customised solutions built for their needs. 

Starting at £100/Month for

100 Automation Events/Month


Projects who rely on customised solutions built for their needs. 

Starting at £500/Month for

1000 Automation Events/Month


Organisations that run on data and strive to streamline processes.

Priced based on a number of Automation Event credits / month



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