Connected Hub for Construction Teams

Reduce risk and increase productivity by building with data

Create trackers that perfectly fit your needs

Familiar and customisable

Morta is as familiar and as flexible as Excel but supports standardisation and data quality through database functionality.

Best-practice templates

Start with tested templates built by a community of professionals that help you quickly achieve your goals.

One-click integrations

Bring your information into a single hub by integrating with construction-specific solutions (eg. Viewpoint, ACC, Aconex )

3rd Party Collaboration

Break siloes by enabling your external and internal teams on an accessible cloud-based information hub

Featured usecase: Information Delivery Planning & Tracking

Leverage Morta’s one-click integrations, templates, and excel-like interface to connect your information

Morta for 100s of use-cases, here are just a few

Model enrichment & audit

Pull or push data from Revit or IFC to audit models, perform analysis or enrich models.

Requirements tracking

Define requirements, assign responsibilities and track against deliverables.

Handover Production

Produce Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Health and Safety files and more.

Features optimised for construction teams.

Excel, PDF & Word Exports

Continue to deliver the documents your supply chain and partners are used to when needed

Advanced Search

Enable users to find the information they need when they need it in one place


Extend the functionality of the platform using scripts, webhooks & automations

Data residency

With Morta you own your data and it is stored in the United Kingdom

Dynamic Permissions

Only show users the information that is relevant to them using tag based permissions

Detailed audit trail

Maintain a detailed audit trail of every event that takes place in the platform

"Morta has the flexibility of no-code solutions like Airtable and Notion with the focus of point solutions built for the industry"

Join 1000s of professionals like you!

Affordable pricing to pay only for resource builders.

Unlimited contributors & viewers for free.

Start building with a 14 day free trial and export to Word & Excel if needed. When you upgrade, only pay for builders. Often, one person creates a resource, others contribute, comment or simply view it. Instead of charging for everyone, we only charge for the people who build & own resources.

Free Builder


50,000 Rows in workspace

Unlimited documents

CSV/Excel Imports

Chart views

Advanced Builder


Unlimited workspaces & rows

Hourly no-code sync


Audit Trails, SSO & MFA



Unlimited builders

Organisation management

Data-residency & back up options

Custom pricing plans

We love people and communities who are driving the industry forward

This is why we provide you with free access to Morta if you are working towards making our built environment better. Whether you are a community, teacher or student you can leverage Morta's full capabilities and support for free.



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