A free-to-use tool to create the "Digital Plan of Work" (DPoW) for your project. The DPoW is a "plan", to deliver the "digital representation" of a building or infrastructure asset (similar to a “plan” to deliver a physical asset). It is a documented record of the project details, the Participants, and the Tasks and Deliverables for each stage (What, Why, Who, When, Where or How). This FREE tool takes you through the necessary steps to produce the Responsibility Matrix & Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP), as required under ISO19650-2.

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The spreadsheet-based DPoW tool was developed by ArcDox BIM Consultants in Ireland. Established in 2009 as the first specialist BIM consultancy practice in Ireland, ArcDox has been providing professionally managed services to the construction industry to enable and support the use of BIM, to help achieve productivity gains and better outcomes on a wide range of construction projects. ArcDox's services include BIM consultancy advice, production resources, implementation support and training.



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